cartagena de indias
17 October, 2016

CONTENUR to manage cleaning and maintenance services in Cartagena de Indias

CONTENUR has recently opened a new operational base in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), from where it will manage all cleaning and maintenance services of the container fleet in this Colombian city. The base has a warehouse and repair materials for this purpose. The contract, signed with the two operators in the city (Aseo Urbano de la Costa and Pacaribe), includes mechanical washing of the containers, involving on site container cleaning, performed using a container cleaning vehicle, which provides pressurised water and environmentally friendly additives. This type of maintenance also includes the cleaning of the space underneath and around the container. New to the market This vehicle is one of few to offer this service in Latin America in compliance with the requisite container cleaning standards. There are multiple benefits to this, not only in terms of the visual appearance of the containers, but also for the improvement of sanitation levels and environmental benefits. Maintenance experience CONTENUR has a highly qualified team with vast experience in handling container inspection, maintenance and repair tasks.