Reliable, innovating, quality solutions for the cities of today


Because its experience and leadership in containerisation systems and associated services guarantee innovating solutions with the quality, robustness and reliability that have distinguished the company for over thirty years. Because it is a Pioneer company in the containerisation market and associated maintenance services, which has positioned it as a benchmark in the development of comprehensive, responsible and quality solutions. Because its international profile and its long-term vision ensure that CONTENUR is the very best option for all clients in over 30 countries.


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Litter bins

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Underground containers

Underground containers

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Underground containers


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The added value of CONTENUR products

The quality of all the products and services is a key element where CONTENUR is concerned, because the company makes every effort to implement an ongoing improvement culture in the management of all the Company’s processes and activities.

Quality assurance

The quality of all products and services is a key element at CONTENUR and all branches of its activity and process are certified.

Complete solutions

Because of the company’s experience in the containerisation chain of value.


In all development processes and product manufacture.

Flexibility and adaptation

to the specific needs of the clients.