3 June, 2015

CONTENUR Italia returns to Ecomondo after an absence of several years

The trade fair is an important opportunity for presenting the latest new products on the Italian market.
After an absence of several years, Contenur Italia reappeared at the trade fair Ecomondo 2014, held in the Italian city of Rimini from the 5th to the 8th of November. On its stand, which occupied over 100 m2, Contenur showed its new waste containerisation solutions. On the one hand, the 2,200 L side-loading container complete with filling control system that counts the number of uses and times opened with a personalised card and on the other hand, the Bindog system, developed by Contenur and Ferrovial CI 3, conceived as a network of intelligent waste bins for collecting dog excrement. The first solution allows the user to open the container with a card and place the bag in an opening that is limited to a 25 L intake. This system controls the number of bags that are placed in it and the frequency of use. This system promotes waste separation at source and in this way it reduces the collection costs. The second solution has been developed to motivate the collection of dog waste and rewards users for good use. Both solutions were demonstrated in situ on Contenur’s stand. Ecomondo 2014 Ecomondo 2014 managed to bring together over 100 thousand visitors; 8.6% more than in the 2013 edition. The important presence of foreign companies is worth mentioning, with exhibitors from 86 countries, 30 of which are located over the other side of the ocean. Turkey was the country with the largest representation, closely followed by the Balkan Republics and North Africa. The Eastern European countries also had a high presence at this edition. Ecomondo gives visibility to the European companies that are working in the “Green Economy” sector and it has become consolidated as the most prestigious international platform in the Mediterranean basin on the subject of eco innovation and transformation of waste into resources.