Accessible Igloo

Accessibility, design and quality

Waste recycling in reach of everybody

The accessible 2,500 L Igloo has been awarded the maximum three star rating for accessibility by Fundosa Accesibilidad, S.A., part of the Spanish National Organisation for the Blind [ONCE].

The product is designed and manufactured in line with the accessible product design criteria specified by the organisation, based on ambulation, apprehension, location, communication and other requirements set out in Spain’s UNE EN 170001-1 Universal Accessibility standard.

The accessibility system includes a series of design features that make it easier to visually identify the areas of use and provide essential information for correct usage.

The Igloo uses a colour-coded system based on specific requirements to improve visual perception. There are images and Braille messages identifying the type of waste, pictograms using the Pictogram Communication System and accompanied by text, with suitably sized pictograms and fonts to allow users to distinguish between containers and improve visual perception.

Equipment for all needs

  • Braille plate

    Type of waste in Braille on container lid.

  • Pictogram for identification

    Images and text showing the type of waste.

  • Universal accessibility

    Accessible to all.

  • Kinshofer lifting system

    Lifting system for quick emptying of all kinds of waste.

  • Double-hook lifting system

    Lifting system for quick emptying of all kinds of waste.

  • Easy to empty

    Lifting and emptying made from corrosion resistant steel.